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Blight Initiative

WDC works in conjunction with the Nuisance Enforcement Team (NET).  The goal of this initiative is to enhance neighborhood vitality by removing debris and over grown vegetation, securing structurally sound buildings, and demolish those that are not sound.  A cleaner neighborhood will instill pride and foster reinvestment!

We work with the Citizens Service Center in an effort to address complaints using sound judgement and resources provided by the U.S. Housing and Urban Development through its Community Development Block Grant and Neighborhood Initiative programs.

All complaints are registered with the Citizens Service Center by calling (203) 597-3444 or on the City of Waterbury website here.

When we receive a complaint filed with the Citizens Service Center or a QAlert request that does not involve private property, we address it immediately.  For complaints on private property, the first step is to make every attempt to locate the property owner.  When the property owner is located, the following steps are followed:

  • Police Department or WDC issues verbal warning
  • Clean-up letter issued on sight
  • Clean-up letter mailed to property owner and the owner has 5 days to clean.
  • Litter ticket is issued and a $100 fine must be paid.  The ticket may be appealed in writing to the Litter commission.  A ticket and/or summons can be issued at any time.
  • Summons issued by the Police has a court date within 7-14 days from time of issuance.  Summons issued under the Blight Elimination Ordinance, Chapter 150.60 of the City's Charter and under the State Statute 7-148 will be held at Housing Court which occurs every Wednesday at 10 a.m. at Superior Court, 300 Grand Street.
  • The Police Officer and Neighborhood Re-Investment Manager (NRM) are expected to testify in Housing Court providing any pertinent evidence of littering and/or illegal dumping.
  • If the owner is not found or does not appear in Court, a Clean & Lien notice is issued.  If the owner does not comply, WDC's NRM will clean & lien the property for all costs.

Staff from WDC and the Nuisance Enforcement Team identify vacant properties that seem structurally sound but not secure.  In these cases, the Building Inspector sends the property owner an order to secure the building.  If the owner does not comply within 72 hours, the Mayor will issue a letter for us to proceed with securing of the property and the Police Department issues summons for the owner to appear in Housing Court.

WDC and the Nuisance Enforcement Team identify vacant properties that seem structurally unsound or beyond rehabilitation.  Properties that are in danger of collapsing are considered an Emergency Demolition as determined by the Building Official or the Director of Health.  Emergency Demolitions are completed using a list of demolition contractors pre-approved by the City's Purchasing Director.  Properties that are not in danger of collapsing proceed through the following steps:

  • Work with the City to prioritize a list of properties in order of safety and future plans for the property
  • Notify owners as to their responsibility to demolish the properties
  • If owners prove their inability to pay for demolition of their property, they are asked to sign a release for demolition.  If owners are not located, refuse to sign the release, or choose not to proceed with demolition; The Building Official or Health Director may condemn the properties.  The property may also be taken by eminent domain by the City.
  • Demolition projects are sent out to bid and awarded to a contractor by the City's Director of Purchasing.  The demolition project is then contracted by WDC.  Liens are placed on the property.