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Project Management Group

The Project Management Group (PMG) is committed to the development and revitalization of the City of Waterbury.  As directors of City construction projects, the PMG oversees the construction time schedule, confirms the construction is in accordance to design, and accounts for the financial budgets. 

To watch the progress of our City's projects, view the photo galleries of each project.

Project Management Staff:

Robert Mulhall
Project Manager
(203) 346-2607 ext 7275

Zachary Keith
Urban Historian, Project Manager
203-346-2607 ext. 7287

Kenneth Russo, CPE
Senior Project Manager
203-346-2607 ext. 7286

David Cote, P.E.
Civil Engineer, Project Manager
203-346-2607 ext. 7284

Mansi Doshi
Civil and Environmental Engineer, Project Manager
203-346-2607 ext. 7285