Site Selection

For Businesses

Looking to Find a Site?

The Naugatuck Valley is the perfect place to start or relocate a business and offers a diverse site inventory ready to meet the needs of your business. NVRDC works closely with municipalities to make this process simple, including finding the perfect commercial, industrial, or retail property for your business.

Search CT SiteFinder is Connecticut’s most comprehensive database of available commercial properties in the Valley and beyond. Click below to search for retail, office, industrial, investment, and specialty real estate utilizing SEARCH CT’s Site Finder tool.

Have a Site in Mind?

Below are a list of available tools that can be utilized during the site selection process.

GIS Pages:

GIS Pages will allow users to view everything from zoning districts to enterprise & technology zones, neighborhoods, areas that are CDBG eligible, and more. The GIS sites allow users to see a site’s acreage, property record card, and aerial photographs of the site.

Tax Assessor’s Pages:

Want to view Property Record cards, recent tax assessments, and see public sales records of properties? The Tax Assessor’s Page can help! The property record cards generated using this tool can showcase property use, zoning areas, acreage, sales history, photographs of the site, appraised and assessed values for the most recent tax year, open/closed building permits on the site, and more.

Enterprise Zone:

Want to see if a property is in an Enterprise Corridor Zone or an Enterprise Zone?

The Borough of Naugatuck is part of the Connecticut Enterprise Corridor Zone Program along Connecticut Route 8.

Opportunity Zone

The City of Waterbury’s Opportunity Zone Map.

For Municipalities

NVRDC can provide the economic development expertise your municipality needs to connect investors with available sites. If your municipality is looking to streamline the site-selection process, NVRDC can help. Let us create an inventory of available properties within your municipality. When State organizations or Economic Development Non-Profits (such as AdvanceCT) reach out requesting sites with specific criteria for businesses interested in relocating to Connecticut, an available commercial site inventory will take the burden off of staff & streamline the site-selection process.