Bidding & Current RFPs

Current Requests for Proposals from NVRDC, the Borough of Naugatuck, or the City of Waterbury can be viewed below:

City of Waterbury Bidding

City of Waterbury Procureware Website: Houses all bidding for the City of Waterbury

Borough of Naugatuck Bidding
  • Click here to view current items for bid with the Borough of Naugatuck.
  • Click here to submit a request to view Parcel B Transit Oriented Development Project (TOD) RFP files. The Borough of Naugatuck is currently seeking phase I proposals to redevelop this 7.75 acre parcel.  The Submission Deadline is April 29, 2022 at 4 PM. 
NVRDC Bidding
  • Click here to view an RFQ from NVRDC. NVRDC is issuing this request for Qualifications from Auditing Firms interested in performing the annual audit of NVRDC.
698 South Main Street, Inc. Bidding (Former Anamet Project Site)

RFP 7250 – Disposition and Development of the Former Anamet Site