Bidding & Current RFPs

Current Requests for Proposals from NVRDC, the Borough of Naugatuck, or the City of Waterbury can be viewed below:

City of Waterbury Procureware Website: Houses all bidding for the City of Waterbury

  • Click here to view current items for bid with the Borough of Naugatuck.
  • Click here to submit a request to view Parcel B Transit Oriented Development Project (TOD) RFP files. The Borough of Naugatuck is currently seeking phase I proposals to redevelop this 7.75 acre parcel.  The Submission Deadline is April 29, 2022 at 4 PM. 

  • Click here to view an RFQ from NVRDC. NVRDC is issuing this request for Qualifications from Auditing Firms interested in performing the annual audit of NVRDC.

RFP 7250 - Disposition and Development of the Former Anamet Site

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